Why You Should Provide Career Coaching For Your Employees

Posted on: 11 September 2018

People often hire career coaches when they're unsatisfied in their careers and are looking to make a change, or are content with their job but want to move up within their company. If you manage a company of any type, you may even use a career coach to help you be the best manager that you can be. You could also think about arranging career coaching services for your employees — especially those who manage other people or who appear to be up and coming. Here are some reasons that making this investment is a smart one.

Your Employees Will Notice The Investment

When you arrange career coaching for your employees, you're sending a very clear message to them. Essentially, you're telling them that you believe in them and that you want them to succeed in their roles. The average employee will appreciate that he or she is getting a free resource to use to get better as an employee. Many of your employees may not choose to make this investment in themselves, but relish the opportunity to get better because of the coaching that you've arranged.

You'll Get Better Employees

There's little doubt that career coaching will help your employees, and that they'll appreciate it. But, on a larger scale, this investment will also help your business by making your employees more valuable. Career coaching can help people to refine their skills. For example, a mid-level manager who goes through career coaching can become a better leader. This, in turn, will make his or her employees better workers and help to build a strong bond between all of them. These types of changes can only benefit your company — happy workers are more apt to apply themselves and less likely to quit and search for other career opportunities.

It's A Tax Write-Off

Every business manager should be aware of how he or she can improve the company's financial bottom line, and this topic includes considering worthwhile investments that the company can write off at tax time. Arranging career coaching for your employees is one such write-off, because it falls under the category of training and professional development for your staff. Such a write-off allows your company's accountants to effectively lower the company's net profits for the year, keeping more money in the organization's bank accounts. Many career coaches can meet you in an agreed-upon location, so you can find a coach who can conduct sessions at your place of work.